Who are we?

About DonnyBrooke Fight Promotion

DonnyBrooke Fight Promotion started after the owner of XCP (Xtreme Combat Promotion) sold her business.

We had the opportunity to acquire the ring and other equipment to start our first few shows at the Moose Lodge in Williamstown.

The business is owned by the Thompson family.

Rex is the main partner who talks to the sponsors and fighters and also corresponded with the sanctioning body to have sanctioned fights in Vermont.

Brenda Thompson is his wife, Hunter and Taylor Thompson are his son and daughter.

Hunter helps with the construction and cleanup of equipment and the ring. He also helps run the gift shop that holds our T-Shirts, Shorts, sweatshirts and gloves. 

Brenda helps coordinate with the staff and also the inventory, anything that might be needed for the fighters or the VIP tables.

Taylor helps with the media, which includes the posters and ad’s made, and also takes pictures and videos at the live events.

Our main focus is on the safety of the fighters, staff and everyone attending the events.

We try our hardest to make sure the shows run smoothly and everyone has a great time as well. 

Before all of this started, the family has always had a background in martial arts. From wrestling to taekwondo to now where our main focus is at Granite City MMA, learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Thai under Lucas John.

We take pride in the gym that we come from and hope that the fighters also come from a place of respect if they have a coach they fight under. When Taylor was 16 she made her first MMA debut at an XCP show.


The whole family was there, and it might have been what sparked the idea of actually making our own fight promotion after XCP was sold. The family has always been fans of MMA and it makes it all the worth while to own and operate one in Vermont with safety as our top priority. And of course, we had to find a name. It seemed pretty fitting to us.

We added an E at the end to make it a little bit of our own. donnybrook noun, often capitalized Definition of donnybrook (Entry 1 of 2) 1: FREE-FOR-ALL, BRAWL 2: a usually public quarrel or dispute.