Success Stories



Pete Haskins

Former DonnyBrooke Muay Thai champion at 170lbs

Former XCP 170lb Champion

Fights out of Granite City MMA formerly fought out of UFAI

Currently ranked #2 for the 185lb Muay Thai DonnyBrooke Fight promotions division

Fighting style: Brawler, Muay Thai


Bruce “The Braveheart Richards

Bruce is an independent pro MMA fighter he is also an amateur Muay Thai fighter currently Ranked #2 in the 170lb Muay Thai DonnyBrooke fight promotions Division

Fighting style: Brawler


Randy “The Redneck Brawler” Felion

Current 185lb DonnyBrooke Muay Thai Champion

Current XCP 205lb KickBoxing Champion

Current Victory Cruiser weight MMA Champion

Owner of Fight Night Promotions

Fights for Green Mountain fight team

Fighting style: Wrestler, grappling, Brawling

Jay “The Puppet Master”


Jay is Former 145lb DonnyBrooke Champion Notable fights, Dave Rossignal and Ali Abdulrazak

He is an independent fighter

Fighting style: Brawler, Boxer


Brandon Gibbs

Brandon is the current Champion in the 145lb DonnyBrooke FP Division

Fights out of Hudson Combat sports

Fighting style: Grappling, Taekwondo, BJJ,Sambo

Mike “The Honey Badger” DesRosiers

Former DonnyBrooke Traditional Gi Grappling Champion, Current #1 Ranked as the DonnyBrooke No Gi Division,Current DonnyBrooke Referree

Fights out of UFAI

Fighting style: Black Belt BJJ


Chris Rooney

Chris is the Current DonnyBrooke 155lb MMA Champion

Fighting as an independent fighter, Currently fought out of Granite City MMA

Fighting style: Brawler, Grappler, BJJ


Ed Carr

Current DonnyBrooke Traditional Gi open weight Champion

Fights out of Team Link, Tokyo Joe’s Studios and Self Defense

Fighting Style: Brown Belt BJJ

Anthony “Tony” Alvarenga

Tony is the former DonnyBrooke No Gi Jiu Jitsu Champion, he made his debut fight in Dec of 2018 vs a very tough Dylan Bishop in which he won via submission

Fights out of: 603 BJJ,Baan Muay Thai

Fighting Style:Brown Belt BJJ, Muay Thai


John Congden

Current DonnyBrooke 205lb Muay Thai Champion

John is a High Level Muay Thai Striker who trained under Kru Ballard at UFAI

John is also a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Mike DesRosiers at UFAI


Lliam Carrol

Undefeated fighter and #1 contender for the DonnyBrooke 185lb Muay Thai title

Fights out of United Fighting Arts Institute,

Trains under Highley Decorated Thai Instructor Kru Ballard at UFAI


Matt March

Current undefeated fighter and Cancer survivor will be fighting for the vacated 185lb Muay Thai Title Dec 21st

Fights out of KOV

Fighting style Muay Thai


RJ “Bad Intentions” Hayes

RJ is a Heavyweight fighter that fights out of New York, Rj recently had his win streak broke losing to a very tough Mike Alessi at Cage Wars, He is looking to get back into the win column this Dec 21st

Independent fighter but has trained under Alex Marro

Fighting Style Muay Thai, BJJ


Jordan Allen

Jordan is former XCP 170lb Champion. He will be fighting local legend Bruce Richards in at 170lb Muay Thai fight Dec 21st

Fighting style: BJJ, Muay Thai

Paul Valente

Undefeated fighter ranked #5 as heavyweight and #7 in the Light Heavyweight division for New England. Paul is coming off a big win at Fight Night Promotions in Rutland, Vt fighting under the Centerline MMA Banner . He will be fighting up and coming fighter Ed Collins who fights out of Granite City MMA Dec 21st

Fighting Style: Wrestling, Boxing

Fighting out of Centerline MMA